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Snap & Wipe Cloth Nappies V3.5 | Velcro

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Features of Alcmena’s Snap & Wipe Nappies: 

  1. All-In-2 Nappy Design for Easy Assembly and Quicker Drying Times
  • The nappy shell is waterproof on the outside as well as the inside, meaning you can simply snap out the soiled inserts, wipe down the nappy shell and re-use with a fresh insert
    • For poo-splosions and heavy soiling, we recommend a quick wash and dry before reusing.
    • If you’d like an even easier clean, add a reusable biodegradable bamboo liner between bum and nappy. Simply wash and reuse for wees, or lift out and dispose for poos.
  • Your waterproof nappy shell can also double as a swim nappy, which will save you money! The gussets on the nappy shell will contain any discharge.
  1. Gussetted 5-Layer Hemp & Bamboo Inserts
  • 5-layer Hemp Insert: 
    • 5-layers of hemp fibre (hemp absorbs up to 20% its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch!)
    • Snaps-in at both ends of the nappy shell for wiggly bubs
    • Gussetted (no more leaks!)
  • 5-layer Bamboo Insert
    • 5x layers of pure bamboo
    • Snaps-in at both ends of the nappy shell
  • 3-layer Nap Insert: 
    • 3x layers of pure bamboo
    • Snaps in at the front, with a middle snap for customising absorbency (fold it in thirds or halves to place absorbency where bub needs it most)
  1. FOUR Customisable Absorbency Options(as opposed to two)
  • Our new nappies allow you to customise your absorbency up to 4 different ways!
  • How to customise:
    1. For light wetters/day-use, simply snap the Hemp / Bamboo Insert into the nappy shell
    2. For nap times, add in the Nap Insert by snapping it onto the Hemp / Bamboo Insert
    3. For night time, snap in the Hemp Insert, and then snap in the Bamboo Insert on top
    4. For super heavy-wetters, snap in the Hemp Insert, then the Bamboo Insert, and then the Nap Insert on top of that.
  1. Larger, Adjustable, One-Size Fit ~ 4-20kg
  • We have made our nappies a little bigger so they’re also suitable for toilet training!
  • If you have a smaller bubba, our Newborn shells which fit from 2-5kg. 
  1. Velcro or Snaps 
  • Our nappies come with an option of Velcro or Snaps closure!
  1. SGS Certified